Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April 2013: A Month in Review

Right then, my friends –

I’m working on a post about a little lifetime highlight / milestone from the weekend. It’s taking a while, for some reason. So for now, here are my April numbers:

Count:                    33 Activities
Distance:               223.14 mi (7.44mi/day)
Time:                      29h38’29”
Elevation Gain:     5,929 ft
Avg Speed:            7.5 mph

2013 Cumulative (Jan-Apr):
Count:                    131 Activities
Distance:               930.40 mi (7.75mi/day)
Time:                      129h37’05”
Elevation Gain:     36,531 ft
Avg Speed:            7.2 mph

Compared to March, mileage is up (by 11mi, with one day less in the month) and time is down (by all of 22’!). That’s got to be a good combination… average speed consequently up from 7.1mph to 7.5mph. That said, elevation gain was down by 13.8%, so those last two stats level themselves out. I focused on the flat a tad more because I was training for a marathon.

That’s right, didn’t I mention that? On Sunday I completed the Greater Manchester Marathon in 3h31’18”. That’s 11.7% of my April mileage right there.

And do you know what? That’s where my analysis ends. The numbers, the stats – they count for little. This month, and just about every other month since last October, were all geared towards Sunday, April 28 in Manchester. All the planning, the execution and the measuring paid off. And, right now, nothing else matters.

Right… when I get the time, I’ll sort out my marathon post. It could take a while. It’d be quicker to run it again!

Mind, there is one set of numbers that I may omit from the next post
if they belong anywhere, it’s here! Because, at my level, we run against ourselves, not the field. Placements, positions are meaningless. But hey, we like our stats us runners, so here we go:

Overall                              1159 out of 5715     top 20.3%
Gender                              1034 out of 4197     top 24.6%
Category (Sr Male)               635 out of 2529     top 25.1%

Bye for now!

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