Friday, 7 June 2013

May 2013: A Month in Review

Hey-up, my friends –

Aye, it’s number-crunching time! Here are Mays stats:

Count:                    35 Activities
Distance:               216.17 mi (6.97mi/day)
Time:                      30h08’41”
Elevation Gain:     8,841 ft (40.90ft/mi)
Avg Speed:            7.2 mph

2013 Cumulative (Jan-May):
Count:                    165 Activities
Distance:               1,140.83 mi (7.55mi/day)
Time:                      158h58’41”
Elevation Gain:     45,179 ft (39.60ft/mi)
Avg Speed:            7.2 mph

Mileage down, slower
I blame a little tapering for the Sheffield Half and, primarily, our great holiday in Wales. Which, incidentally, is also why hillage is up. In fact… hey, why I have I not been including elevation per mile? Well I’m putting that right as of this month! Might come in handy next February!

On the whole, mind, those stats aren
’t too bad. Claimed a few CR’s, too. Going forward, I have no short-term goals in mind – other than Longest Day Run! So need to keep stamina in order. Want to work on speed too mind, as well as ensure hillage doesn’t drop too badly now that I’m back in my neck of the woodsheck, you know what? I need to work on a more structured training plan. As in, a training plan for when I am not specifically training for a given race. More of a routine, one that ensures I cover all bases over the course of a week and keeps me around the level of form I attained for Manchester. I’m not doing too badly as things stand, with a weekly long run (more often than not a 20-miler subject to commitments chez Squintani!), some nifty 5ks and what not but I bet I could do better! One always can, right? In fact, come to think of it I haven’t done reps in ages… And maybe a tad more trail now that the sun has come out?

Right – thats me done on numbers for this month. The June review will mark the 2013 halfway mark. Looking good for #2013in2013, mind – already 56.67% of the way there!


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