Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Doughnuts!!! or... not...

... a colleague offered me a mini-doughnut on three separate occasions today. I turned him down every time. Things must be getting serious...

(for the avoidance of doubt: This running malarkey isn’t about weight loss for me. That said, that would be a welcome side effect: I could do with losing some weight to get those 10k run. And yes, I have grown in the wrong direction in recent months. The whole epilepsy surgery, what with the having to rest for a month and even then not rushing back to any physical activity, clearly didn’t help.
When I was training for my Swimathons, I kept detailed weight records in a far snazzier spreadsheet than I am using now: target, actual, variance… Not this time. That would entail standing on my BMI-detailing scales and I just don’t have the guts… er, the courage for it. I know I’m at an all-time high from the face the nurse pulled when weighing me on the day of the op for the anaesthetist’s benefit. But it’s not about the numbers for me: it’s about fitting into my clothes! Into my jeans! I can’t be doing with buying new ones… a) I’m tight (and not just in terms of a fit!), b) I don’t do clothes shopping. No major aversion: quite simply, I already have clothes and feel no need for new ones. I only ever seem to buy shirts that remind me of a trip or an event, otherwise I can’t be bothered. Besides, sooner or later my Dad must be due to hand down some more stuff! I’m not wishing him ill or owt, just saying that it’s been over a decade since the last set of t-shirts and stuff and he could really do with doing his bit for me.
Anyway… I seem to be getting closer to where I want to be in terms of which buckle hole I use on my belt… for now, that’ll do more than any other BMI indication, thanks muchly.)

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