Friday, 18 May 2012

Statistics: One Month In

Dear fervent and frequent Readers:

Apologies for apparent slackness recently. Truth is, I was in Switzerland for a couple of days this week and have only run once this week. As work trips go, not a bad one: the Rhine waterfalls and a dinner in a nearby castle just about made up for not being able to run up hills.
Can you see the rainbow on the left, half-way up? Then try harder!
(Oh, and they're the largest in Europe! Did you know that? No, me neither)

I hope to get out there again over the weekend but that depends on a few things. In the meantime, since April 19th was when I baptised my new shoes, it’s now been a month of not being able to stand running yet pounding the roads of Portishead. In this time, I’ve been out there 18 times, clocking up 65km. I’ve spent 317’ running and a further 85’ walking – but hey, over the past three weeks I
’ve run 234’ and only walked 25. And I’ve got on the old rowing machine twice, for a total of 75’ – must do better on that front.

So that’s where I’m at. Still a long way to go and many a pointless word to type – but I’ve not given up yet.

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