Monday, 8 October 2012

shhh... don't tell anyone!

OK, quick one for you… but just for you, OK? Don’t go telling anyone else! This will be our little secret!

When linking to previous posts, I find the easiest way to grab the old URL is to google away. I can’t be done with trawling through all the garbage I’ve posted to date!

Even if lacking in the appreciation of rocket science you will not be surprised to hear that I just type icantstandrunning plus whatever I’m looking for in the search bar. I’ve done it time and again in recent months… icantstandrunning, icantstandrunning…

…then the other day – disaster! Look what I wrote:

Not only at first glance does it point to gardening interests which, frankly, I cultivate not (boomboom!)… but… seriously, how worried should I be?!?

Just as well I’m not planning any more long distance races. Nope. Not me. Me not. Oh no. Pas moi. Non io.

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